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Jonathan Malory is the founder of, which started as in May 2003 - Maljonic is made from the Mal of Malory with the Jon from Jonathan and the 'ic' is a nod to his Slavic interests ('ic' means 'son of').

In 2008 Jonathan decided to rename to open the site up to everyone and give it a less 'about my dreams' feel, calling it instead. Also, Jonathan's wife, Marcia Malory, started writing and contributing a great deal to the site and the name Maljonic's Dreams simply was not applicable any more. However, Jonathan does still contribute to the forums under the alias of Maljonic for continuity's sake.

Jonathan has experienced vivid dreams all his life, and always remembers what he was dreaming about the night before. In fact, Jonathan can recall dreams from years, and even decades ago.

Jonathan Malory began seriously studying dreams when he first attended Art College in 1991 and found himself to be particularly attracted to surrealist painters like Dali and Picasso, and the medieval painter Hieronymus Bosch. For over 20 years Jonathan has analyzed his own dreams and those of other people, applying skills learned through the study of Art, Psychology, Languages and Language Development and English and History at York College, York University and St John's University and through his work in social care and counseling.

Jonathan Malory has also travelled to many countries around the world, including France, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Spain, USA, China and Japan, to observe different cultures and discuss their attitudes to dreams and dreaming.

Marcia Malory is the author of numerous articles on dream meanings and the science of dreams and is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD).

She has spent many years researching psychology, neurobiology, and evolutionary biology, and she is particularly interested in the evolution of consciousness and the evolution of brain processes associated with dreaming.

Marcia also has a strong interest in the relationship between dreaming and mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.

Her scientific background plays an important role in her approach toward dream interpretation.

The American Journal of Psychiatry, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, Evolutionary Psychology, The International Journal of Behavioral Development, Nature,  the Neurobiology of ConsciousnessNeuro-Psychoanalysis, Neuroscience, and Sleep and Hypnosis are some of the journals that Marcia relies on to keep her up to date with the latest research on neuroscience, sleep and dreams.

Marcia has also been a student of sociology and philosophy. She enjoys learning about and writing about the ways in which dreams are perceived in different cultures and by different religions and belief systems.

While Marcia believes that it is important to maintain a healthy level of skepticism when analyzing dreams, she believes that intuition plays an important role in dream interpretation. Therefore, she makes use of both her intuitive skills and her scientific background when interpreting dreams.

As a lucid dreamer herself, Marcia is delighted to be able to incorporate her own dream experiences into her research and to refer to her own experiences when helping others understand their dreams.

Marcia has written about neuroscience for the website Brain Blogger, a member of the Scientific American Partner Network.

She also blogs about dreams for the magazine Your Local Link.

Marcia is married to Jonathan Malory. She has lived in New York City and in York, England.